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Why Travel?

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There is so much I have yet to explore.
When we travel, we don’t only learn about the world around us, we also learn a lot about ourselves.


The reality…

We can get so caught up in the day to day of our jobs and obligations. Sometimes we feel like we are confined to the place in which we live. Sometimes we tend to forget what else is out there. It can be difficult to step out of our comfort zones, but Travel is our key to unlocking the rest of the world.

I hail from one of the top travel destinations in the world. Clearwater Beach was rated the number one beach in the US for 2018 according to USA Today and Tripadvisor. I am lucky enough to call Clearwater my home. Clearwater is less than one hour away from two of the fastest growing cities in the country, Tampa and St. Petersburg. There’s a great music scene, loads of bars and restaurants, and a variety pack of people from young to old, locals to tourists and the newly transplanted.


How could I leave?

Because there is more to be uncovered. There is more than the sunshine, beaches, and tiki bars. There is more than the paddleboarding, kayaking and fishing that I love so much. I’ve been living the dream, bartending on the beach, giving advice to travelers and playing tourist in my own backyard. It’s time for me to play tourist somewhere else, where I will actually be a tourist! I have over a month of travel planned so far and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Where am I going?

I will be going to England, Greece, Holland and then back to the states. Chicago first, and it’s ‘up in the air’ from there. This will be my first time overseas. I’ve got my passport, some money saved, hotels booked, and a camera I don’t yet know how to use, but I’m ready to go!

While in Europe, I will be traveling with my younger sister/personal hero, Kaelin. She is fulfilling her goals of going abroad at the age of 20! I am so thankful that we are doing this together and couldn’t ask for a better travel buddy. We will be staying with my Auntie Marilyn in London and the three of us will be traveling together to Greece and Holland.

The next month is going to be filled with epic adventures and lessons learned along the way, so stay tuned!


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  1. Kate

    Exciting times ahead for you! Looking forward to reading your updates.

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