Flying with Norwegian Airlines 787 Boeing (Flight Review)

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We flew on a Boeing 787  Dreamliner with Norwegian Airlines from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW).

When shopping for inexpensive flights, one thing sticks out about Norwegian Airlines right off the bat. They are currently and clearly the cheapest international airline. Norwegian Airlines is what they call a “low cost airline” or “no-frill airline”. In other words, ticket price gets you there with the bare minimum and everything else costs extra.

Norwegian Airlines Boaeing 787 Dreamliner
Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner (photo:

Norwegian Air Shuttle call themselves the “World’s Best Long Haul, Low-Cost Airline”

To be fair to you as a reader, I want to disclose that I have never traveled on any other international airline, let alone one with bells and whistles. So if you are first time flyer, or flying economy, you may relate to this review more than if you are used to flying first class. (If you are, lucky you!)

Booking the Tickets:

Foremost, booking the tickets is a great experience in itself. Its comforting to see Norwegian Airline’s low cost fares compared to other large airlines, which are double or triple the price. I love the Norwegian Air Low Fare calendar. You can view all of the dates for your desired flight at once to see what date has the lowest fares.  

Cheap Flights September 2018 to London from Orlando
Norwegian Airlines Low Fare Calendar for September 2018. Showing flights to London, England from Orlando, Florida

Lowfare (Economy) is the cheapest option and comes with only a carry-on luggage. We opted for Lowfare+ because it came with one checked bag, two meals and a seat reservation. For our flight, it was a $90 up-charge

Helpful Booking Information on Norwegian’s site here can answer any questions you may have.

At the Airport:

If you are flying Norwegian Airlines arrive early!

We flew out of Orlando International Airport (MCO) our flight was scheduled at 4:10pm and we arrived 2 hours early. Had we been flying any other airline, this time frame probably would have been comfortable but it was a little crammed for checking in with Norwegian Airlines.

The airport itself was not very busy. While other airline’s queues were empty or short, having 2 -5 travelers in each, the line for Norwegian was full to the walkway, and continuing on to the other side of the walkway. Turns out lots of people like to save money on flying. Who knew? Consequently, it took us a little over an hour to get checked in, and then about 30 minutes to get through security. We arrived at the gate with a little time to spare, got a snack, and were ready to board. They did not start boarding on time but we boarded quickly and the plane took off at about 4:30 (20 minutes late). However, we still arrived to Gatwick on time.

The Flight on Norwegian Airlines:

The experience of flying Norwegian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner was very pleasant. It was a new plane with comfortable seats, and a decent amount of leg room.

I enjoyed the in flight meals included in the Lowfare+ package. We had a choice of chicken and mashed potatoes or beef and rice. Both my sister and I opted for the chicken. A small salad with olive oil, side of veggies, and a brownie desert came with the meal. After dinner, they offered us tea, which I thought was a nice touch. Another meal of ham and cheese sandwiches, an apple juice, and a little sweet roll came about two hours before we landed.

The in flight entertainment system on Norwegian Airlines was my favorite part!

The selection of TV shows and movies offered was great and included many new releases. Conveniently, each seat had a headphone jack and USB plugin. You can use the console to play games like solitaire and trivia, or order food, drinks and amenities to be delivered to your seat (this beats flagging down a flight attendant). In one section, you can shop a small selection of items duty free. The interactive 3D map was my absolute favorite thing about the whole experience (see below).

This is the 3D Map. It was so neat! It’s essentially an interactive animation of your flight path. It shows you exactly where you are on the globe, and how much time and distance to your destination, the altitude of the plane and other cool features. You can select a city with an airport that Norwegian flies out from and learn more about it. There is information about major cities all over the world. I learned a lot of facts about landmarks in different places. Also, I got to see some awesome pictures.


Noteworthy tidbits:

Norwegian Airlines utilizes the latest technologies and everything is computerized for ease of use. I was impressed by the large windows, and the electronic window “shade” with multiple darkness settings was really cool. I was expecting in flight Wi- Fi, but beggars can’t be choosers! The flight attendant informed me that most of their planes have wireless internet and by next year they are expecting all of their planes to be equipped. Lastly, I thought it was nice that when booking your flight, you can choose from many dining options to fit your diet, including vegetarian/vegan/gluten free.

All in all, the flight was as enjoyable as sitting in one place for 8 hours can be. I recommend Norwegian Airlines for great low fares. I will definitely be flying with Norwegian Air Shuttle in the future.

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