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One Month of Travel and Sort of Blogging

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So here it is, the big reveal… welcome to


You may have arrived at this destination through some social media outlet, if so thank you for clicking, tapping or swiping. While you’re at it, maybe scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign up for my email list, or follow me on Instagram, or Facebook that would be awesome of you.


The Start of the Travel Blog


I’m not going to lie, I thought it would be easy. For starters it’s nothing I haven’t done before, building a website and blogging, that is. I’ve built several websites and written dozens of blogs. I know how to edit a picture and I’m not afraid to get in front of the camera. I figured that since I am so passionate about traveling, I wanted to share my experiences and lessons that I learn. ‘How hard could it be?’ I thought.


I started working on this site about 10 days before I left for Europe. It has taken a lot of hours of work to get it where it is now and everyday I am getting closer to my ‘goal website’. In one month, I have published 5 blog posts (including this one) and put 8 posts on Instagram. I also have 2,000 unprocessed photos. I have ideas and writing snippets everywhere, from notes on my iPhone to in my actual notebook.


OK, so I’m a bit unorganized and not quite at my ‘publish a blog post every 3 days’ goal that I had in mind when I left… It’s kind of crawling in comparison, BUT sometimes a slow growth is a good growth. Sometimes you have to crawl before you can walk or run.


Let’s look at what I have been doing…

I have visited 4 countries. I’ve been exploring new places and trying new things and new foods. I’ve been walking and talking and eating and swimming. I’ve been meeting new people and meeting new FAMILY, and seeing family I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been doing yoga and meditating and envisioning my future of more TRAVEL. I’ve been visiting museums and landmarks, and getting quite the education along the way! I’ve been learning how to use my camera, taking pictures, running and hiking and dancing and drinking tea and drinking wine and… did I mention the food? Just checking.

I’ve been spending superb quality time with my sister. That is so valuable to me that I wouldn’t trade it for $1,000,000 or 1,000,000 views on my website because I appreciate her that much and I appreciate her taking this journey with me.

I‘ve been making memories with my Auntie, which is so incredible because on any given day in our normal lives we are 4,500 miles apart. She is a very special person in my life and to her I’m so thankful for teaching me the value of travel and experiences.

I’ve been picking up bits and pieces of new languages and learning new cultures. I’m always reading, be it blog posts or books and writing when I can.

I’ve been flying on planes, riding on trains, boats, buses and trams. I thought I could use my travel time to write and I have… a little, but this is where it gets tricky. Yes, I could hypothetically use 100% of my travel time to work on my blog but have you ever tried to work on a laptop while riding on a train in a foreign country? Don’t! Look out the window dammit! There’s so much to see. The journey is just as much a part of traveling as the destination.


The missing piece…


All the blogs I follow, all the ones I really get attached to and keep coming back to, I feel like I know the writer. They put themselves in their writing, they put themselves OUT THERE, they talk about personal stuff. They talk about their struggles and how life’s not easy and sometimes it honestly makes me feel SO much better. And I realized that’s what my blog is missing. That’s why I didn’t feel ready to put my blog on social media. I am the missing piece of the puzzle. While I do love writing 5 Tips for the Early Morning Traveler and will continue with awesome travel tips, I had to put some me in it. So, here I am world, putting myself out there.


So it’s not easy, but I’m doing it.

I’m doing my best and I am not quitting. A positive outlook will make things turn out better than you ever thought they would and a negative outlook, the opposite. So all I can do is keep trying my best everyday to reach my goals with a positive outlook.


If you’ve read this until the end, I appreciate you more than you know. Because just by visiting my website, subscribing to my emails or following me on Instagram or Facebook, you are doing everything in YOUR power to help me make my dreams a reality. I can’t thank you enough.


If you really like this stuff, tell your friends or tell me! Invite your friends to like my pages or leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

peace love and safe travels, gabs


What’s next for the blog?

One more week in London with my beautiful sister and then I’m starting the solo travels in the US. First stop Chicago, then Michigan for some family time, then heading to Key West with the girls!

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  1. André

    Good blog gabriella.
    I will follow your travels through our beautiful world.
    Have fun and greet your sister Kaelin

    your new nephew Andre, from the Netherlands

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