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How to Apply for a U.S. Passport Simplified

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So you want to travel abroad? Awesome! Apply for a US Passport and you are taking your first step to exploring the world. Next thing you know, you’ll be experiencing different cultures and lifestyles.

Applying for a US Passport is a multi-step process and can take some digging to get all the information that you need. I’m here to simplify the process and minimize your digging!

If you are a US Citizen with no special circumstances, you should have no problem following the steps below. has an extensive guide on How to Apply for a US Passport here. You may need to visit this page if you have any special requirements.

Step 1: Fill out Form DS-11

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You can fill out the forms online and print them or print them and then fill them out. Either way, you will need to print the forms and apply in person.


Step 2: Gather Documents

You will need:


Step 3: Get Your Passport Photo

Many CVS and Walgreens and Passport Acceptance Facilities offer passport photo services.

If you would like to take your own passport photo, see Passport PhotosΒ for requirements and photo examples.


Step 4: Calculate your fees

Make sure to bring a check or money order. They do not accept cash or credit cards!

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Step 5: Find a Location and Apply in Person

Once you apply, your passport should arrive in 4 – 6 weeks.

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If you have any additional questions you can visit the official US Passport website for more information
peace love and safe travels, gabs

Questions and Helpful Passport Application Tips

The difference? A passport book can be used for air land and sea travel to any country in the world. A passport card is valid for travel by land and by sea to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. So you will need to let your travel plans dictate what is best for you. I would recommend getting a passport book to maximize your travel potential.

You can renew your US Passport by mail or in person. Click here for all information on passport renewals.

You are required to renew your passport every 10 years and it is recommended that you renew it 9 months before it expires.

No problem. Click here for all information on expedited passports.

Click here for the official US Passport FAQ page.

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