A Fresh Perspective on COVID-19

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I woke up this morning feeling alright, you know, just another day of being healthy during a pandemic, what more can I ask for?

And then it hit me… Today was supposed to be the first day of baseball season. To give you an idea of my anticipation, I don’t usually ever plan my outfits in advance. But I have slowly been crafting the outfit I would wear today, in my head, since last October. This was to include my super cute baseball tread Keds I got for Christmas and my Tampa Bay Rays purse. I’d top this look off with my awesome new aviators with the etched TB logo. I would wear them to the stadium, but not inside, because Tropicana Field is indoors.

tampa bay rays baseball keds purse sunglasses

Needless to say, none of that is happening. I started to feel sorry for myself, but then I remembered situations right now are all about perspective. Maybe I’m upset, as a fan, that I couldn’t go to the game today. I thought about the players, staff and stadium workers and how they must be feeling today. Baseball is my entertainment, but it’s their livelihood and they’re out of work just like I am. There’s a little perspective.

Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. Home of the Tampa Bay Rays and my heart. (Photo Courtesy of visitstpeteclearwater.com)

Another thought crossed my mind, what about a rookie player whose first day in the big leagues would have been today? I’m talking about someone who has been been working hard and making sacrifices for the game of baseball for literally their entire life, since childhood. Here it is, all about to pay off, Opening Day 2020. Nope, canceled due to the Coronavirus. How are they feeling today? Now there’s the perspective I was looking for. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself at all.

The hardships are real and it is so easy to feel alone. If a major event in your life has been canceled due to the Coronavirus, you truly have my compassion. I urge you to explore different perspectives to help you stay hopeful and inspired during this time. It really does flat out suck that weddings, graduations and important events all over the world are having to be cancelled or rescheduled. But it doesn’t hurt to remember that there’s always somebody else out there who is suffering more than you are.

I’ve been trying my best to keep it together, to keep the routine, to keep getting dressed in the morning and to keep getting outside. I’ve noticed that people who are generally more routine oriented, are more shaken up by the chaos. I hear how they are struggling and feel very empathetic. I realize what has kept me in good spirits is knowing that I am not alone.

I am inspired to write this post today to remind you that you are not alone. Nobody is alone in this. While cancelled events and social distancing may make it feel like there is a lack of community, please remember, we are all in this together. All of us. People from every single country, culture and walk of life, across the globe, are enduring this tragedy together… if that’s not community, I don’t know what is.

I was about two weeks settled into a new job and getting ready to go back to college this summer. I finally felt like I was ready to start blogging again. Bam! COVID-19 hit and came in hot. I got laid off from work and discovered college will be online. Perfect, I have time to blog… Well Gabs, now’s a great time to talk about travel, I sulked to myself.

It is easy to slip into sadness and feel sorry for yourself right now, especially if you have a predisposition to depression (like I do). Once everything is sorted out for school and budgeting, I have truly been trying to fill my days with activities that bring me joy and sense of accomplishment. I’ve been crossing them all off my list too! Today, I will be so proud to cross off ‘publish a blog’.

Traveling Gabs Watercolor Continent Art

It wasn’t until my intentions met all this chaos that I remembered my true purpose for this blog. It has nothing to do with the destinations, although I love sharing them. My intention has always been to spark inspiration and provide resources. I strive to write with an open mind and help you think about things from a different perspective. The Travel Mindset, that I talk about, is not so much about physically going far from home, but it’s about having a sense of adventure. This can be experienced by visiting another country, saving money to travel or simply trying a new food.

Right now, during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Coronavirus, most travel is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Visit the CDC Travel page here for all official guidelines, recommendation and information.

My heart goes out to those individuals and families who are impacted by COVID-19 around the world. Do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. I wish all the people of this global community a speedy recovery.

Thank you for the taking time to read this. I’d love to hear if you’ve experienced a perspective shift recently, leave a comment below and let me know!

peace love and safe travels, gabs

Since you can’t travel to explore, keep your eye out for 10 Ways to Adventure Without Traveling …coming soon.

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