I’m Gabriella, Gabs for short!

I’m 25 years of age and I live in Tampa Bay, FL. In 2018 I discovered I am in love with traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new things (and foods!).

I had not done too much traveling before last year, but I had the summer of a lifetime! I took two long trips and a couple short ones I visited 5 countries and about different 25 different cities. Although I stopped blogging for a year, I’ve gone on a few trip since then as well! I’m determined to keep going, and going, and…you get the point.

I hope to use my blog to help others tap in to their travel potential. As a lot of us have the desire to travel but don’t think we have means. I used to feel this way too. Now I realize that lack of motivation and prioritizing are the real obstacles . Hopefully my experiences and lessons that I learn can help others on their journeys across this wild world.

For the personal stuff… I love to love life. I’m a strong Aries. My favorite things to do include but are not limited to…. fishing, yoga & meditation, walking, running, hiking, going out and dancing. I am a fiend for being out in nature and on the water whether on a boat or my paddleboard. I also have a lot of enthusiasm for festivals, theme parks, art shows, and major sporting events, ESPECIALLY BASEBALL GAMES (I’ve been to 7 MLB ballparks and counting) . I try to include these loves in my travels whenever I can!