Welcome! Thank you for reading…

Many people feel they don’t have the means to travel,
and I used to feel this way too.
But when you think outside of the box,
what you uncover may surprise you!

My ultimate goal with this blog is to write ideas that spark thoughts and motivations to help you to realize the importance of traveling and your own potential to do so. Planning a trip is not as overwhelming seems! 

Traveling Gabs was founded in 2018. I was planning a big trip and searching the internet for advice on all things travel and saving money. At some point a light bulb went off, and something told me to start this blog. Over time, it has become a mixture of advice and my experiences. I write about anything and everything that inspires me in hopes that it is helpful and relatable. 

Through my journey, I have discovered that I am absolutely and completely, head over heels, in love with traveling. Leaving home for any amount of time is the fuel that fills my engine. Returning home is what makes me grateful for what I have and, at the same time, ready to plan my next adventure. 

About Me

Me? It’s not about me, it’s about the Blog!

If you must know… Here’s a quick rundown with some super fun facts about me… (It’s really not that quick, but just remember you CHOSE to read it).

• My name is Gabriella MaGrath and I am proud to call the Tampa Bay, FL area home (I chose this as my first fact because I’m proud to announce: So far, it’s still my favorite place in the world.)

• My love for fishing is extreme. I started fishing when I was like 2 and I’m forever addicted to the thrill. 

• I strive to be outside in any capacity; whether hiking, walking, running, fishing, water sports, etc. I try to incorporate these outdoor loves in my travels whenever possible. 

• I like most sports and going to sporting events, but I’m pretty obsessed with baseball. I’ve been to 9 MLB stadiums and counting. (Weren’t we all at one time 15 year old Rays fans who dreamed of becoming  sports reporters on ESPN and marrying Evan Longoria?…. no? it was just me? Oh… ok).

• I strongly dislike taking pictures, but I do it anyways, and IMO they’re not half bad. You’re welcome internet. 

• Yoga is medicinal for me and choosing to focus on my practice has literally changed my life. I recommend you try it at least once. 

•I’m very thankful for my loving family, my awesome boyfriend and my calico cat. 

• When all else fails, there’s little cheese and wine can’t fix. 

•I am a nerd for quotes. Here are some of my favorites! :

“The world is like a book and those who do not travel only read one page” – St. Augustine

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

“Hope is not a strategy” -Said by many so the origin is questionable. As brought to my attention by Rachel Hollis.