Here are a few of my favorite blogs that I’ve been following over the years!


The internet is aย  really big place with lots and lots of content. We all have those favorite bloggers that we follow and overtime feel like we know them (even if we don’t really). It’s great to share what you know with others. After all, sharing is caring. I will continually add to this list.


My Favorite Travel Blog


Meet Katie, The Traveling Spud, she is from Idaho (hence spud, like a potato.. haha). She quit her job to travel the world for 18 months. The real kicker is that she did it SOLO. Katie has great stories and some of the best advice for solo female travel. She is a huge inspiration to me and my favorite travel blogger.



My favorite food blog



Meet Vani Hari, AKA The Food Babe, healthy eating is a super important aspect of travel. You have to stay feeling good at home or on the go. This blog will give you the inside scoop on EVERYTHING food and what’s really in the foods we eat.. Knowledge is power when it comes to the food industry these days.ย  I’ve been following her for years and while we can’t all eat healthy all the time, we can at least learn and give ourselves the tools to do so whenever possible!


My favorite Yoga Blog

Meet Brett Larkin, she’s one of my online yoga teachers and this girl knows how to blog. She has a very successful YouTube channel with almost 200K subscribers. I’ve been watching her videos and reading her blog since 2014. When I couldn’t afford to go to yoga classes, Brett taught me yoga every morning. She has awesome in depth descriptions of the poses and really brings the energy to the screen. If you are new to yoga or just have a question, you can probably find a blog, video, or podcast on her site to answer it!


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